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Boundary Line Agreement Georgia

Border line disputes (or potential disputes) such as those you have described can delay the conclusion of a real estate transaction and, if left unresolved, be the basis of a buyer terminating the sale contract. Given that the issue is high, such disputes should not be taken lightly, but dealt with by a real estate lawyer experienced in resolving border disputes and cooperating with title companies. Setting a surveyor is the most accurate way to determine property lines, Metzger said. If you own or wish to own real estate in Georgia, ask yourself how facility agreements and other use or entry agreements in another property can affect your property and its value. In general, a natural monument will be a priority in determining a fixed network, since natural monuments are generally less likely and are unique in nature. O.C.G.A. 44-4-5. Trees are often used as natural markers. Trees can be marked to show a demarcation line, but these tree marks are not always conclusive evidence, if not accompanied by more. See Id. Other natural boundaries are streams, streams, lakes and ponds.

After setting up property lines, Metzger proposes that we start with a polite conversation. He recommends starting the conversation with “Did you know…?” As this is a tangible overview of the visual results, no survey map or property line feeding plan is provided. Instead, Georgia Land Surveying checks the property line measurements against the registered deed, then marks your land line with wooden piles located 20 meters apart (or more or further as you need them). We also mark all corners of properties and fix all the corners that are missing. For less detailed alternatives to the object line entry, we can only mark angles or conduct a basic survey of housing limits. Question: Why is it important to understand property border laws? The problem you have is actually very common, especially when old fences are replaced and new fences are installed without reference to a measurement. When a fence is installed within a land boundary, the placement of the fence effectively makes the closed land smaller and allows neighbours to use the land between the actual land boundary and the fence.

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