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Custody Agreement School Year

Joy`s question: I have a court order for shared custody of our son with my ex-husband. My son is about 9 years old. Even though we are divorced, he is still very offensive, verbally towards me. He`s the one who divorced me, and I don`t want anything to do with him. I want full custody of my son. What am I supposed to do? “We have shared custody.” Divorced and separated parents have tied these words for years, but there is not a single schedule or definition of the term. “It has recently become clear that common physical custody is not the ideal solution that was once thought possible. Too often, the child can go back and forth between his parents and not really feel like a “home”. Consistency is often difficult to achieve with such regulation. The rules may be different for each parent — bedtime is 8:30 a.m. at Mom`s, but 10:00 at Dad`s. School work sometimes suffers. For example, duties that are assigned while the child stays in one house but are returned when he is to another may be accidentally overlooked.

Friends are different and difficult to keep in every house, the babysitter can be different every time, and so on. Children who are struggling to adapt to change may find common physical care too chaotic. In general, parents have to work very such regulations. Common physical guarding rarely reduces hostility between the parties and may even accentuate it. It requires two parents who, over time, commit to putting the child`s needs first and to being able to create a conflict-free zone for their child. Parents who opt for joint physical care should be prepared to communicate with each other in an open and frequent manner. Shared custody requires two parents to commit to being parents. ( Jenny`s question: our baby is 5 months old and we have agreed on shared custody. But he talked about the situation, which would happen if he moved to another state. He wants it for 6 months, and I would have it for 6 months. I don`t agree not to see my daughter in a clip for six months, and I don`t want her not to see her father for six months.

He doesn`t think I`m logical if I protest. I don`t know what to do. Dianne`s question: The final verdict says that both parents have 50/50 custody until the child starts “kindergarten” … The father will have custody. Does this “kindergarten” mean “kindergarten”? It is very urgent, because pre-k starts in our county in two weeks and the father says, “Kindergarten is kindergarten.” Here`s my understanding of literature. Shared custody is better for children than when a parent disappears, and it is a rare parent who can stay close to a child who does not live with them, at least in part. That is why we opt for shared custody in order to keep both parents in a reasonable relationship with the child. Jenny`s question is that we have had parents in common since my son was 7 months old. His father is considered a “parent of the school” because he owned his own house. Currently, my son lives with me and sees his father every night from 5-8 and every other weekend.

Now that my son is starting kindergarten, is he going to have to live with his father? Should we change that? Children also don`t have the basics they need at home.

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