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Grant Agreement Personnel Costs

This summary table explains how different types of employment contracts are treated for reporting costs under H2020. The collective agreement provides that all researchers will be able to benefit from a bonus of between 100 and 200 euros per month depending on their seniority. For example, if the year is in line with the calendar year, i.e. from January 1 to December 31, the hourly rate of hours worked in 2014 is calculated on the basis of staff costs and working hours from January to December 2014. – regulatory requirements (for example. (b) national law or collective agreements) to determine the amount of compensation for projects funded under national schemes – if these amounts were actually paid at least once before the introduction of the H2020 proposal to work in a national project – this method of calculation is applied consistently (by group of staff under similar conditions). For the calculation of the ceiling (i.e. the actual costs of one-third), the calculation rules are the same as in point 1.1.4. Please note that staff costs per person per year must not exceed 100% of eligible staff costs in order to avoid dual funding. Hours that are not billed to EU projects will not be included in an audit.

Example: beneficiaries whose costing practices are included in the calculation of indirect hourly rate costs, in accordance with Article 6.2. These indirect costs must be removed from the cost pool used to calculate the hourly rate calculated for H2020 shares. For H2020 actions, indirect costs must be reported flat-rate at 25%, so that staff costs cannot include indirect costs. “The person`s annual working time (depending on the employment contract, applicable employment contract or national law) 1.1.1 What? Staff costs for employees or equivalent persons (i.e. persons working on the basis of an employment contract or an equivalent employment law for the beneficiary) who participated in the measure. MSCA staff costs are calculated on the basis of unit costs and packages set by the European Commission. As at the end of the seventh framework program, the ability to pay staff costs at Schedule 2 GA flat rates remains for small business owners and people without pay.

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