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Holiday Rental Agreement Template Spain

In addition to a one-sided booking confirmation that offers at a glance information about the customer, his stay and any money paid or even owed, you will find room in this downloadable model for: long-term rental contracts (vivienda teen): long-term rental contracts lasting one year. An inner lease is a vivienda arriendo. 3.5 Price Changes Elgstrom Invest SL has carefully designed the description and price of the item. However, we cannot guarantee that no change will occur. The customer is informed of the changes at the time of booking and at the latest when the booking is confirmed. The information contained in the booking confirmation applies. If a confirmation has been sent, it is unlikely, but not impossible, to change the description of the object. In the event of a major change, the customer has the right to cancel at no additional cost within five days of receiving the information. All fees paid are refunded. Elgstrom Invest SL has the right to change prices 22 days before the start of the rental on taxes, public fees or exchange rates, so that the rent is concerned.

If prices increase by more than 10%, the customer indicated the same rights as in the previous paragraph. You will need this holiday rental agreement if you have an agreement with paying customers to rent a holiday rental property. Not only who are you, but who rents your house? The agreement should include your full name as the owner, as well as the names of all guests staying in your accommodation on the dates indicated. The rental agreement must indicate the dates and times of arrival and departure of your customers. If you don`t rely on automatic handing over keys and use an automated check-in system for your hosting, you can also indicate whether you allow an early check-in or a late check-out. If a lease does not indicate its duration, it runs for one year. Depending on the type of rent you have, it is very likely that you will need to add other specific clauses to your individual property. This can include everything from weather data to the characteristics of your vacation apartment or even to local laws and regulations. What are the amenities of your apartment – what can customers expect in your home and in what condition? Think about things like sheets and towels, the number of beds, kitchen contents, yard furniture, etc. Hey Frank, we emailed you the lease template an hour before your comment. We just sent it in the case.

If you have any problems, please contact us here: Thank you very much! The booking fee is 30% of the total rent and is payable within 10 days of booking.

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