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How To Write A Child Maintenance Agreement

If you do not reach an agreement, one of you may ask the government`s Child Care Service (CMS) to arrange the child care. Find out how to apply to THE CMS for maintenance. It will determine how much child support should be paid, and it can pay for the money if you want. Both parents are responsible for the cost of raising their children, even if they do not see them. Making agreements on access to your children is done separately. You can use the daycare calculator on GOV.UK to help you agree on an appropriate revised amount. For example, if the one of you who pays has a new job, you need to know what your new salary is. the rent or mortgage on the house in which the child lives have child living allowances have no influence on the benefits you and your children receive. You don`t have to pay taxes on them. A family lawyer can help if the parents want the conditions to be more formal. It may also be a good idea to testify to the agreement, and also signed and dated by both parents.

In many cases, if both parents have a good relationship, there may not be a need for formal written agreement. But there is no guarantee that this friendly relationship would last in the future. It may be in the best interests of the child to enter into a written support contract for the children. It`s a good idea to write down what you agree to and a note of all the discussions you`ve had. This could help if you have disagreements in the future. Your child care system – This form can help you write your child support contract if both parents agree that child support is an agreement between you and your child`s other parent. It is reported how the cost of living for your child is paid when one of his or her parents no longer lives with them. Plan your child care maintenance – this form helps you plan a support interview with your child`s other parent.

The consequences of non-payment of support may include the retention of income, seizure of goods and expropriation of the non-paying driver`s licence. The last episode could be prison for the non-payer. You can use the child care computer on GOV.UK to get an idea of how much the Child Care Service (CMS) would charge the person who will pay.

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