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Iata Standard Ground Handling Agreement Download

9 12 Swisspt Special Value-Adding Services Me f Your Money PLUS10 is a unique set of modules that are automatically bundled with Swisspt stopover assistance packages at no extra cost. Each Swisspt customer can benefit from the added value of the PLUS10 programme. Introduction Swisspt Special Value-Adding Services 13 GoodWill Swisspt Employees representing our airline customers are specially trained to educate passengers about courtesy and culture. Conclusion: increased passenger satisfaction, plus a stronger image of the airline. Introduction GroundSpeed Every time a Swisspt flight arrives above schedule, we flexibly redesign ground support teams and add staff to compensate for the delay. Conclusion: in 2002 and 2003, we saved our customers well over 13,000 hours of flight time. BonusPlan Airlines, which chooses Swisspt as a ground aid on several sites, is entitled to multi-station volume discounts and other incentives. Conclusion: I am systematically the quality of stopover assistance service around the would be more real savings in dollars. CustomerFum Swisspt often discusses the status quo with its customers. Such infmal encounters are welcome ways to fine-tune the mix of services and ensure a faster response to individual needs at any location. Conclusion: better two-way communication. ISO/TQM Swisspt offers its customers a standardized level of quality of service around the level of dignity. Me as 70 stations are currently certified iso 9002 and regularly checked.

Conclusion: a consequent Airpt experience for the passenger, plus better visibility of the airline`s quality policy. PaxAssist Experienced Swisspt problem solvers defuse stressful situations on busy airpts in order to streamline the boarding process. They actively seek out and assist passengers who feel lost. Conclusion: less delays in the boarding cycle and greater brand loyalty. InfoLine Swisspt eases the burden on customer-airline call centres that are responsible for non-flight-related requests. Conclusion: Improved call centre capacity to focus on airline-related passenger requests, as well as caller queue times. QualRept The Swisspt website advertises fully transparent repts on the quality of service of the stations. Similar statistics are provided to customers at each station where they are served. Conclusion: Honest insights into the entire Stationperfmance plus Transparent Repting.

This Internet-based online baggage tracking module allows passengers to track the condition of their misdirected luggage. Conclusion: more customer confidence in the airline`s commitment to excellence in passenger service. See Swisspt allows Airpts and airlines to automate the passenger check-in process only with carry-on baggage. Swisspt can also offer off-airpt recording units virtually anywhere. Conclusion: fewer check-in desks plus a more fluid boarding experience for frequent flyers. 50 94 Appendix A Passenger and baggage transport in accordance with subsections 4.1 and 4.2, replacing, if necessary, rail air, road turnover air and flight (e) and final baggage, where appropriate, direct passenger flights and, where applicable, transport baggage, as required by the railway, transp. Arrival by rail, road lake Received passengers arriving and baggage by rail, road-sea transptère To assist passengers and baggage in accordance with persons described in subsections 4.1 and 4.3, If applicable, in lieu of air, road and sea transptation of aircraft and flights, and the f airpt terminal, if any, passengers arriving directly through check-in at the airline`s departure services, you unload the baggage from the connecting points as prescribed by the railway transpte, the lake transpctor of the road and transfer them to the airline.

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