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Limited Partnership Agreement Onecle

“Issuer” means The Blackstone Group L.P., a limited partnership that was created under Delaware state law, or a successor. (c) the supplement may, at its sole discretion, unilaterally amend this agreement, on the day or before the final regulations come into force, in order to: (i) provide for the choice of a safe haven in accordance with the proposed provision, Section 1.83-3 (l) (or a similar provision), under which the fair value of a transferred company`s interest corresponds to the net asset value of those interests. , (ii) a partnership agreement and each of its partners to meet all requirements in these regulations and in the 2005-43 Communication (and all other Internal Revenue Service guidelines relating to these elections) with respect to all partner interests transferred in the provision of services, while the choice remains effective; (iii) the allocation of the income item, profits, deductions and losses required by the final regulations under Section 1.704-1 b) (4) (4) (xii) (b) and (c) and (iv) of all other related amendments. “intangible capital,” the net income recorded by the partnership with respect to the intangible assets of the partnership related to the actual or hypothetical sale of all partnership assets or, for the most part, all partnership assets, including, but not limited to, net earnings resulting from an adjustment in the book value of the partnership`s assets; However, if such a profit constitutes “intangible asset benefit” only when such a profit exceeds the losses previously recorded in an actual or hypothetical sale of intangible assets. The issues of how to implement or result from the partnership are the decision of the conveyor that is the decision of the partnership. Unless expressly provided by law in the last sentence of this section 3.05 or in the separate contract with the partnership, no partner who is not a compleoder (and acts as a partner) may participate in the management or control of the transaction or activity of the partnership as a partner. , nor a partner who is not also a partner (and acting in that capacity) does not have the right, power or power to act or engage the partnership as a partner, or to assume an obligation or responsibility for the partnership or another partner. Notwithstanding the above, the partnership may occasionally employ one or more partners and these partners, as collaborators of the partnership (and not for reasons of clarity, as limited partners in the partnership), may participate in the control and management of the partnership`s operations, as long as they have the power and authority to act on behalf of or on behalf of the partnership. was entrusted by the general partner. CONSIDERING that, in accordance with the law, the partnership as a single limited partnership was established by filing a limited partnership certificate (certificate) with the Office of the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware and the implementation of the May 18, 2007 Partnership Framework Agreement (the “initial agreement”); and Issuer General Partner, blackstone Group Management L.L.C., a limited liability company created in accordance with Delaware state laws and the issuer`s general partner or successor partner.

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