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Museum Victoria Staff Partnership Agreement

Museums Victoria Partnerships Manager Sandie Hall welcomed his new partnership with Mantra. The Victoria Museum is the largest public museum organization in Australia and welcomes nearly 2.5 million visitors each year and handles a diverse collection of 17 million objects. Screamers from the latest bug Lab: Little Bugs, Super Powers exhibition from the Melbourne Museum were seen yesterday during the recording at Mantra on the Park in Melbourne, following the birth of a brand new partnership between the Victoria and Mantra museums. “Museums Victoria is pleased to partner with mantra Group to enhance the experience for visitors to Melbourne for the Bug Lab: Little Bugs, Super Powers,” said Hall. After MV determined its audience on how they invested and the type of content they had to provide, all that was left was content production, which is usually the easy part for many companies, especially if you have the qualified staff in your home. But it was not a business project as usual. “What many of our collaborators have heard is that there are many people, especially those who live in regional areas, who are not able to experience our physical offerings, like that they can experience the museum in this way… We see real value in the use of digital channels for this purpose, and this is definitely an area that we will explore and find this sweet spot.¬†“We had people walking around people`s houses and sending the recordings to the editor to do it. That`s how we started, but as we were able to adapt and allow our employees to come to the museum to film. No matter what it took, from people filming on their iPhones to driving more sophisticated equipment, we did everything we needed to do,” says Ms. O`Keeffe.¬†Once upon a time there was a museum at 328 Swanston Street, and when Scienceworks was opened, people thought it would be the death of the city museum. But that clearly did not happen. All that meant was that there were now people going to the city museum and people going to Scienceworks.

Then the same thing happened with the Immigration Museum, where people thought we would cannibalize our audience, but that didn`t happen either and our audience base grew,” Sproul recalls. The Victoria Museum is Australia`s largest public museum organization, with nearly 700 employees from different backgrounds. The career prospects with us are varied and exciting. The work environment is dynamic and inclusive and maintains our most important values: Strive, Embrace, Explore, Respect, Illuminate and Sustain. The Victoria Museum is Australia`s largest public museum organization and runs the Melbourne Museum, the Immigration Museum, Scienceworks, Bunjilaka, the Melbourne Planetarium and the Royal Exhibition Building IMAX Melbourne: This collection makes MV not only an important part of Victoria`s culture, but also the largest museum organization in the Southern Hemisphere.

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