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Mut Agreement 2017

The increase is the result of the new collective agreement that was signed last month between the government and the Union of Teachers of Malta. The signing of this agreement was led today by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna in the Curia of the Archbishop of Floriana. The collective agreement was approved by an absolute majority of those interviewed by a vote among members of the Union of Teachers of Malta working in the secretariat of Catholic education and in ecclesiastical schools, after continuous consultation with members throughout the process. December 2017: MUT-MEDE interprofessional agreement – click HERE for more details and HERE in the members` field for FAQs and information. The Teachers` Union of Malta and the Ministry of Education have found the basis for an agreement on the financial package for state and church educators, meaning that the teachers` strike due to take place on 8 November has been cancelled, MUT President Marco Bonnici told The Independent Malta. Contactless time will be used by teachers for administrative, doctrinal and other activities, such as attending meetings. B up to 60 minutes per week, the agreement says. For.U.M. – The Union Maltin Forum is a Maltese trade union association founded in 2004. The association immediately began to make its contribution at the national level when it discussed with the Maltese government and other trade unions how to reach an agreement on the social pact.

The Union of Teachers of Malta joined the Confederation in 2008 and is the largest union of For.U.M. Today, the For.U.M. is made up of eleven EU member organisations with a total membership of 12,000 workers from different professions and sectors. The unions affiliated with For.U.M are AAE, ALPA, EPOU, MUMN, MUT, UCC, UHBC, UMASA, UPAP, UPISP and UTAC. They represent workers from across Maltese society. The association actively participates in all national debates and activities relating to the conditions and rights of workers and their families. We must also realize that the collective agreements that have been put in place over the years will be maintained and new initiatives will be added. The Senior Permanent Secretary, Mario Cutajar, noted that, in the past, a new public service collective agreement was signed about two years after the previous function expired, but that the current contract was signed only four months after the previous contract expired. He said that there was a lot of expected from public servants – enough to mention key indicators, more efficiency and less bureaucracy – and this collective agreement pays tribute to the efforts of these workers. The role of the MUT as a union and its successes in this area should hardly be underscored. Teachers know that they can count on their union to negotiate wages and working conditions. Indeed, in 1947, 1953, 1955, 1959 and 1962, the MUT was able to obtain salary increases for teachers.

In the late 1960s, the MUT achieved another success in its representations with the Salaries Anomalies Commission. In 1974, the MUT negotiated another reorganization agreement, but the union`s greatest achievement was recorded in 1988 by the passage of the Education Act, which officially recognized education as a profession. A result was an agreement with the government, which translated this recognition into concrete terms.

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