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Stamp Paper Value For Vehicle Sale Agreement

Thousands of vehicles are registered every day in India. A lot of the figures come from the metropolises. New Delhi is added about 1,400 new cars a day. The direct result of so many new vehicles sold is that the used car market is also growing. Many new car buyers already own vehicles. They exchange their old vehicles either in vehicle showrooms or sell their old vehicles individually. Popular classifieds and websites help them find the right buyer for their vehicles. An affidavit of sale of vehicles must be made on behalf of a buyer, as all risks associated with the vehicle must be passed on to the seller until the property is finally transferred through the relevant Regional Transportation Authority. The vehicle sales contract helps avoid litigation over the sale of the vehicle in the future. Important details about the vehicle can be included in this agreement.

All vehicle information is mentioned, including license plates, manufacturing, year, registration validity, lifetime tax paid, insurance details, among others. The main clauses are the obligation for the buyer to transfer the registration as soon as possible to his name. The sworn insurance clearly states that the seller is responsible for all offences and claims on the vehicle until the time of delivery and that the buyer is responsible for this responsibility after that delivery. This clause ensures that the buyer drives responsibly until registration. Apart from the responsibility of credit, despite the agreement on stamp paper, I would continue to be responsible for the accident/crime on the same car. The agreement is valid in 100 Rs stamp paper and even if it is not done on stamped paper, it is valid. In fact, even a verbal sales agreement is legally applicable. Good advice especially in the manufacture of a deed of sale on stamp paper. Even though I didn`t register the car in the buyer`s name, I`ll definitely make a sale deed on stamp paper. 3. In any case, if the seller does not refund you the money in case of cancellation or if the sales file is not registered, then you can take legal action for the specific performance of the contract.

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