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Subject Verb Agreement Brainpop Jr

I love Schoolhouse Rock videos, and this is one of my favorites. Students will certainly catch the melody and sing and it`s a good way to introduce what is the theme and the predicate of a sentence. BrainPOP Jr. has a great video on the subject and verb chord and I think it would be a great video to check out. This would be another great introductory video for your class. This video does a great job of breaking sentences and showing how we use themes and predicates in our sentences. You can also stop the video so your students can answer the questions asked! Students will love this video! These are cartoon episodes on themes and preaching and he will keep them so engaged! They`ll think they`ll be watching their favorite show on TV, and they won`t even realize they`re learning! BrainPOP has a video on subjects and preaching. It`s a little more advanced, but it will introduce your students to vocabulary and it would be great to show in a small group center with the teacher! “> > > > > >, > > > > > >, > >,” > > > >, > > > > > >, > >,” >,” > > > >,” “> >,” > > 1? Results`: `Result`) – `found`; “Open: function (event, ui) ” / `(.ui-autocomplete`).off (`menufocus hover mouseover mouseenter`); $(this)catcomplete (`widget`) .css (`width`: (`this)“ – ui) , (`.search_keywords`).) val (ui.item.value); (`.search_button`). trigger (`click`); .keyup (function (e, ui ||) Code `38“ if ((this) val (). trim () – “replace “ ` (.close_search`).) (`.close_search`).hide () (`ui-menu-item`).keyup (function ()/ / console.log (dies) .html () ] /.search_keywords. autocomplete (`/ / `/ / / / > / / open: funktion (event, ui) .

.search_button .search_keywords . / keyup () / if (val (). ()) `val (`.`). (.close_search .close_search). } }); var res – core.load.resource (- url: “”, cache: true, type: `json`, cache_type: `non-persistence`, onComplete: function (data)` global_content `.extend (global_content, data); topic.init. (`content: (type of content`undefined`)`:content, global_content global_content settings); on (`keypress`, function (e)`if (i.e. 13) – e.preventDefault () / / svg4everybody (). ]] > Happy December! Are you stuck in there, professor friend? I know it`s a tough month in class, but don`t be afraid! I`m here to help! I`m giving you great instructional videos that you can use in the last weeks before the winter break to make your classes easier! What does it feel like? These videos will be designed to help you teach the subject and the predicate! If you have a BrainPOP teacher account, log in. Learn how teachers can make BrainPOP reviews using the quiz mixer with a My BrainPOP account. It is a crucial ability to teach and check and check over and over again.

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